How to get the store configuration values using GraphQl in magento 2?

How to get the store config values using GraphQl in magento 2 – In This Magento blog today we are going to read about how to get the default / custom store config using GraphQl by create graphql module in magento 2 . We are creating some custom store configuration as well as default store configuration in our web sites.

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Lets Continue the article now. To get the system store config values using GraphQl. You want to follow these steps.

Assume you already have a basic module. And you already created any custom store config option in the admin panel.

1 . Define the configuration variable in the di.xml file.
2 . Create the shema.grapqls file.
3 . GraphQl query for retrieve store configuration data.

lets see step by step now.

Define the configuration variable in the di.xml file.

Want to create a di.xml file under etc/graphql directory.

In this file we want to define the item name( Ex: general_store_information_name ) as well as the field name( Ex : general/store_information/name – Section id / Group Id / Field Id).

Create the shema.grapqls file.

After setup:upgrade and cache:clean you can run the GraphQl query in the ChromeiQl. To check our query we want to set up the endpoint.It is usually coming like <magento_root_url>/graphql. Ex :- http://ayakil.local/graphql.

This is the custom system configuration admin interface which i created.

Magento system admin configuration
Custom admin configuration section.

Result will be looks like below.

In this query i have only pass few data to get the result. You can pass what ever the system configuration variables to the query and get the result. So our entire query and result looks like below.

create graphql module in magento 2
Graphql query and result in ChromieQl

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