How to create ShipStation authorization for API integration?

How to create ShipStation authorization for API integration? – Today I am going to write about creating the Authorization for the API calls to Shipstation. We can Import, manage, and ship your E-commerce website’s orders with ShipStation. This software is designed to save the users time and money in E-commerce order processing like other software and services.

Shipstation has clearly mentioned in their API integration documents about creating the Authorization. But I would like to show this with the coding example to easily understand by looking at it. Let’s see how we want to proceed with.

want to log in to the ShipStation account and go to
Settings -> Account -> API Settings-> and get the API keys. You have API Key and API Secret there.

ShipStation integration
Sample API keys

With the above sample key, you want to generate the Authorization like below.

So with the actual code looks like below.

That’s all. This is pretty simple. But this direct look may help someone to save their time.

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